Universal Remote Control

Operate Your TV Set easily With a single Universal Remote Control

Are you tired with your more than one remote control for operating your TV set? You have solution for this problem of handling two/three remotes at a time. Yes, we bring a proprietary technology offering superb solution for your problem.

Television is the most popular media of entertainment in this era. Plenty of channels designed in interests of particular spectators have added valuable dimensions to this media. So, you can enjoy flexibility to choose your favorite entertaining channel. However, with emerging new devices like cable, set top box, satellite, DVD player etc., number of remotes in your house may increase significantly. But, you need not to worry now. We have a universal remote control for you. You can operate all devices with only one remote control. Does it sound very nice? Explore many features of this wonderful universal remote control to eliminate all remote controls you are using now and get this luxurious device.
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Jumbo Universal Remote

Features Of Universal Remote Control

All problems you are facing with your current remote control are eliminated in a universal remote control. The most common problem with all other remotes is that it becomes difficult for seniors to operate it without glasses. Similarly, people having low vision problems also find it difficult to operate conventional remotes, as their buttons are very tiny, packed closely and signs or functions written on these buttons are in small fonts. Let's see useful features of universal remote control and how these problems are removed in it –
  • This remote control comes with only six buttons as ON/OFF, Channel Up, Channel Down, Volume Up, Volume Down, and mute. Thus, there is no crowd of buttons on remote.
  • These buttons are of sufficient size to operate it at ease.
  • This remote communicates with several devices simultaneously thus eliminating need of separate remotes for different devices.
  • This remote comes in stylish sleek designs to hand it, operate it easily.
  • It provides programming facility to setup up to 30 favorite channels to avoid channel load and choose your favorite channels quickly.
These features make this remote perfect for seniors, adults and kids. You can set lock to prevent reprogramming of TV. This big button remote control helps you to identify buttons quickly and you need not search for glasses every time. Moreover, buttons on the universal remote control use friendly color-coding so that even kids understand these buttons easily. You will find variety of designs and shapes this remote control to choose one you like.

The universal remote control works with all devices associated with your TV set like cable, dish, etc. to give excellent functionality and luxury. Besides these features, universal remote control for elders comes at affordable and competitive prices. Now, you can exile all existing remotes and bring this new technology universal remote at your home.
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